Don't Wait for a Limb to Fall on Your Property

Schedule your tree trimming service in Knoxville, TN

Is a tree on your property growing too large? Ole' Smokey's Tree Service, LLC can cut it down to size with our tree trimming service. We remove limbs and branches so they won't litter your yard or fall on your car. Our crew can trim any type of tree, big or small. Your tree will look neat and trim, improving your curb appeal.

Get a tree pruning service lined up for your residential or commercial property by contacting us. Discuss your project with our tree company in Knoxville, TN today.

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How can tree trimming help?

You don't have to let your tree grow wild. You can keep it under control with an occasional tree trimming service.

Trimming will help your yard by...

  • Removing dead branches to prevent the spread of rot and disease
  • Removing overgrown branches to stop the tree from leaning
  • Preventing branches from falling on your property

Once our tree pruning service is complete, we'll remove the debris for you. Call 865-281-1335 now to keep your trees in tip-top shape.